Throwback Thursdays


Hey, do you remember the Go-Go‘s?

So, they formed their group in 1978, but really got known around 1981.

I remember that funny cover of them skiing. . . remember that?

And they were considered New Wave???

Remember We got the Beat? I liked Our Lips are Sealed. What was your fav?


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays

  1. I was a total Go-Go’s fan. I loved Our Lips Are Sealed and I thought it was so cool there was an all-girl band. That was important to me as a 7-year-old, lol. It was the same reason I liked the Bangels. Stupid kid!

    I think the Go-Go’s started out as new wave, but became pop because they were pretty and young, and apparently partied a little too hard.

  2. BTW: I love Belinda Carlisle’s solo stuff. Mad About You will always be one of my favorite songs from the 80s. (Did you know Andy Taylor from Duran Duran played guitar on that song?)

  3. My personal favorite was Vacation. I can’t believe how often I still hear “We Got the Beat” played by pep bands during high school games around here.

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