Well, I made a PR (Personal Record).  I biked 70 miles on Sunday.  I’ve never ever done that.  It was exhilarating and painful all rolled into one.  The weather started out nice and calm at a cool 83 degrees at 5:30am.  But as we were rolling into the last 20 miles, I think the temperature was nearing the high 90s because that sun pounded down on us relentlessly.  

I got home, plopped myself on the couch after downing a couple glasses of chocolate milk (Yep, it’s a really good recovery drink) and took a snoozer.  Then, if you were monitoring my FaceBook at all, you saw that I was writing the rest of the day and ended it with a mega Dairy Queen Snickers Blizzard.  

Oh was a great day yesterday!  

It was a nice writing weekend for me as well.  I plugged away at the final book in the trilogy of Shelby’s adventures and called it quits after writing a few thousand more words.  It stands at 24,000 so it’s coming along nicely.  What’s even more funny, well, not funny, but interesting, is that while I was riding yesterday, we had a seven mile hill to climb up Cave Creek , just off Carefree Highway in the Scottsdale, AZ area, and and idea popped into my head.

I had been stuck on how to progress one of the new characters I’m introducing in this third book.  Literally, I was hunched down on my little handlebars, looking at this hill looming before me, sweat trickling into my eyes, and all of a sudden, a light bulb flicked on.  

The rest of the ride I toyed with the plot.  It was awesome.  

So, what did you all do this weekend??


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