I was thinking about this very question today.  Why do I write?  I mean, I was never a writer as a child.  I never took a writing class before.  Heck, I didn’t even like to read very much until 18 months ago.  

I had sworn off reading after graduate school (Yeah, they make you write papers, read endlessly night after night after night.)  I picked up a novel for fun once in a while (Like the great Left Behind Series or something like that).  Oh, and movies, those were my thing.  Anything science fiction, fantasy, or action.  Seeing Arnold as governor–well, it’s still weird after seeing him in Commando, True Lies, Terminator…you get my drift, right?  

Anyway, back to my thought…Movies were my “books.”  Then, I started getting this urge to write a story, one for the younger crowd (high school-college). Something fun, action packed, and of course it had to include main characters having super powers.  🙂


As I put my thoughts down, those thoughts turned into a full novel, then a sequel, maybe a third one in the not so distant future?  Crazy, right?  YES.  But, as I started learning more about the craft of writing, getting involved with writing groups, and meeting authors, I realized, hey, I kinda like this whole writing thing.  

Then, as a few people read my work, they were encouraged by it and are asking to read the sequel (which is done, just editing, tightening, etc).  A few other doors opened, so I prayerfully walked through them and keep doing so.  Sure, doors close (rejection letters), but then just as I think “Oh, yeah, I really am NOT a writer, this is a big joke to think I’ll ever get published,” something happens to encourage me.  

Maybe I get a good critique on one of my chapters or an encouraging word from a fellow author finds its way into my email.  It’s really all about God’s timing.  Sure, some may think that saying that is a “wimp out,” but it’s really not.  God’s in control of everything (If we let Him in the driver’s seat), so if I’m seeking out His will in all that I do, how could I be doing wrong?

Press on!!  James 4:14-15


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