So, what do you have planned for the weekend?   Going to do some writing?  Play time?  Work?  

I hope to do all of the above!  **sheri smiles**

I’m working hard at editing my novel with the help of my critique group.  They are incredibly helpful.  I was so scared at first to send in my chapters.  It’s almost like standing naked in a room with no window covers when someone reads your work.  

I mean, I’ve cried sweaty tears over my project for the last 13 months, right?  And to hear “cut this, change that, this isn’t interesting”…well, regardless of how lovingly it’s stated, it still sucks to hear.  Am I right?  

HOWEVER, if you’re going to be in the “biz” of writing, you must develop a thick skin.  The feedback is meant to be helpful.  I’m so close to my work, I can’t be objective, so, it’s nice to have a group of peers reading it and making suggestions.  I never get mad or hurt by the suggestions, it’s just a bummer sometimes.  But you know what’s funny?  Usually, shortly after, something encouraging happens.  

For example-I was getting some pretty rough edits back and that nasty demon of doubt was clawing away at my spirit, but then I got the nicest phone message.  I have someone reading my book (outside of a critique or writing group–a layperson have you) to check the basic grammar (she’s got excellent skills in that department!).  Well, she reads A LOT, and I mean A LOT…like a few books a week I think (she’s retired).  Anyway, sorry, I digressed, she left me this nice message telling me she’s started and it’s drawn her in, she’s wanting to keep turning the next page to see what happens.  

Now, I’m not saying this to brag, not in the least, but like I mentioned, amongst the edits, rewrites, feedback, something always comes in at just the right time to keep me on track.  THANK YOU GOD!  Really. I take those little lifts as lifts from God to keep me going on His path He’s put before me. 

So, PRESS ON writers, both newbie and experienced!

GOD BLESS, have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY FRIDAY

  1. Happy Friday! You have a good weekend also… and I will try to keep all the limbs intact.


    Oh! … I agree that it is amazing how God gives us little pick me ups to encourage us during the tough times… Makes me certain that He cares about us.

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