HI. Trinity here.  I was a little nervous when Lynn asked if I wanted to be on the blog this week. We don’t have computers where I’m from–er–at least I don’t think so. I don’t remember anything quite yet. Just kinda landed in the middle of a busy street late one night . . .

Strange, I know.

But Jayden, the guy who found me roaming the streets, has been super sweet to me. He’s actually helping me do this post.

He wouldn’t help me think of something to talk about, though. And since my memory is pretty much a blank slate, I’ll talk about the one thing I do know, and kinda like.


You see the pictures in this post? He pulled them from somewhere on the internet called Photobucket, but he draws, too.

When I first came to him, he hadn’t drawn in nearly a year. I’d tell you why but I can’t.  Lynn said that’d give too much of my story away.

Regardless, Jayden hadn’t drawn in over a year. But the day after he found me, I slept nearly fourteen hours straight (tiring traveling between realms I guess), and when I woke, his studio was filled with fantastic drawings of me.

It only got better when my wings emerged (that was a little shocker…and they came out at a really inconvenient time, too!) We spent hours lounging around, me posing while he drew.

He calls me his angel. I highly doubt I’m an angel, but for him to call me that feels nice.


I understand there’s a contest this week, and I want to help you get more entries. So, here’s the deal.

My story is so new, Lynn hasn’t even thought of a title for it yet. So I want to help her figure out one that’d be good for my story. Will you help?

Go over to my little spot there under “My Novels” (you can CLICK HERE if that’s easier.) Read the little hook and summary, then leave a comment telling me which title you like best from the choices listed there.

By leaving a comment here AND there,  you’ll get TWO entries into the drawing!


Thanks for reading my little post here. And thanks to sweet Jayden for helping me with this since I don’t know how to use computers very well. I’ll be back to read your comments throughout the day. Can’t wait to get to know you better!!

17 thoughts on “Winged

  1. Lindsey–Thanks! Yeah, Jayden did choose well, didn’t he? Thanks for stopping by.
    Sandra–Great. My favorite is is that nice, light blue one up top. He drew one almost like that after my wings burst onto the scene. 🙂
    Amy–THANKS! I will have a great week. I’m glad you stopped by and said hi. Good luck on the drawing!

    Did you all go over and vote for your favorite title for my book? So far TRINITY is winning, but Winged and Everlasting are close. .. . .

  2. HI, LBDiamond–It’s a strange place here. . .
    Lakisha–Thanks for coming by. It’s nice to meet you! Hopefully the story will make it to the bookshelves some day and you’ll read all about my interesting and wing-filled life **LOL**

  3. HI, KM–Thanks for coming by! You know the only way I know my name is that it is engraved in the gold band around my wrist. . . But yeah…I like it, too. I like the blog design, too. It’s a little edgy. 🙂
    Lori–Jayden picked out the pictures…but they are almost like the ones he’s drawn of me. He’s such a good artist.

    It’s nice to meet two of Lynn’s critique partners! My story is pretty new, but I think she’s getting ready to send it to you guys soon. . . .

  4. Trinity, I love your name. Great post. Your Lynn is very special to me, great to meet you. Look what she’s done with the place! It is amazing!
    See you around the pages of Winged :0)

  5. Thanks, Cassandra. I LOVE your name, by the way! I like the violin one as well. I heard someone playing some music like this and it felt familiar to me…so it must be music that is common where I’m from.
    Jill–HI. Thanks. These computers are great things. . . but very confusing sometimes.
    Kat–I hope Jayden’s thoughts aren’t brotherly–oh, maybe I shouldn’t write that here, he might see. . . .

  6. Well, Trinity, you and the character in my novel have a lot in common :). She’s a bit younger than you, but she also lost her memory. She doesn’t have wings, but her *name* is Angel. And she’s got a great friend who’s taking care of her–Gregor. He’s cute, but more like a big brother to her. I’m thinking Jayden’s thoughts of you aren’t entirely brotherly ;). Don’t blame him–from the pics he pulled up, you must be pretty beautiful. I especially like that first one!

    OK, time to go check out titles and put in my two cents.

  7. Nice to meet your Trinity. Don’t stress to much about the computer. We all have problems with ours now and then. 🙂

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