A visitor…

We have a visitor with us for the weekend. My friends are gone for the weekend, so we get to dog sit! We already have two of our own (Shelties), what’s one more, right?  **grin**


Jack and Maddux are already good buddies!

As my good friend, Lori, says, Happy Weekending, everyone!

5 thoughts on “A visitor…

  1. Lindsay, you are always cracking me up. LOL.

    Hi Lynn, I’m dog sitting too. I think I have a horse in my house. I’m not used to the big Lab’s. We keep teasing that our dog, Rusty, has a whip for a tail and Diamon has a club. He keeps waking up my middle son with his tail beating against the wall outside his bedroom.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah yes, Shelties. Collies that shrank when washed in hot water. Just kidding. I think.
    Look at the bright side, one of the three, probably the terrier, will think up some mischievous behavior and the other two will take turns improving on the idea until it’s perfect.
    Ah, dogs, woman’s best friend.

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