And so the story goes….

We all know life has bumps along the way. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I’m pretty up front about them, because I view each stumbling block as a chance to grow. Or a chance for another door to open. I’ve faced book contracts broken, unexpected unemployment,  and literal bumps from bike crashes.

This latest “bump” involves my agent–er–former agent. Yes. I’m sad to say Tribe Literary Agency is closing their doors. It was most unexpected. The week had started out rough when I woke to puddles of water soaking my living room carpet (leak in water system) on Monday. Tuesday was freaking awesome with the release of the Wasteland cover. Wednesday we received an email that TribeLit was no more. Thursday was a blur, but then each day got better and better.

Sure, it’s been a rough week, but I share these things with you not to complain or seek sympathy, more to share with you something I hold near and dear to my heart: Faith. Now, whether you’re a Jesus follower or not, a life without Faith, Hope, or Love is just more difficult to navigate.

I believe in the Faith, Hope, and Love so much, I had it tattooed on my arm a few months ago. I attribute it to the Bible, because that’s where I get my strength from.

So, this post is meant to encourage you through the tough times. The stumbling blocks.

Keep the faith and keep taking the next step.

I’ve been asked by a few readers/fans if losing my agent will affect the release of my novel, Wasteland. It doesn’t at all. We are on schedule for a September release. I have fantastic editors at Crescent Moon Press who have stepped up and made me feel even more welcomed and wanted than they already have!

Thanks to all my friends to sided up with me along this latest bump. I love you all.

May you have a fantastic, fun, and safe Fourth of July!

11 thoughts on “And so the story goes….

  1. Sorry to hear about the agency, but I love your positive attitude and I believe with all my heart things happen for a reason we just don’t understand it yet…

    Hang in there and keep your chin up Lynn!!!



  2. Lynn, I really appreciate you sharing your journey – the good and the not so good. It reinforces that everyone has their ups and downs, even amazing writers like you. It is all part of the process of learning and expanding as a writer and human being. And I agree that faith, hope and love are the foundations that everyone needs in their lives, writer or not. Your postivie attitude during difficult times is inspiring.

    I can’t wait for the release of Wasteland and I know you’re going to find another agent that will be able to truly represent your work. I know you’re going to have a long and great career.

  3. <3 you've worked so hard and deserve every success and happiness! I'm so excited! I know what a labor of love it's been. Thanks for reminding us that life's little bumpsmcan only make us stronger!

  4. Lynn, I’m happy to hear the closing of Tribe Lit won’t effect the release of Wasteland. That is indeed good news. I faced my own bump in the road last week. My company was sold and closed. It was sudden and took us all by surprise. I know now isn’t the best time to try and find a job with the market as it is, I believe God has something else in mind for me. I need to be patient and have trust in Him. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you, Lynn. 🙂

    • Oh dear, Jill. That’s a tough road to walk. Been there, done that a couple times. Woke up, was getting ready for my job, then I got a call….guess I didn’t have a job. Oh, then once, management just came in and said, “pack up.” And I was done.

      Crazy huh? One step at a time and you’ll weather this unemployment. I have full faith in that. 🙂

      • Thanks, Lynn! Yes, in corporate world things can happen quick. The bomb just drops, no time to prepare. Enjoy your 4th!

  5. Bummer, but all things happen for a reason. Obviously the Lord has something better in mind. As for the ratio, as soon as I saw it, I envied it. I would love it because it states exactly what I feel, also.
    I believe the best is chasing yo, which is why I caught ‘the rush’ long ago and run behind the both of you.
    It’s an upward tailwind from here.

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