Anger #TheRunningWriter

I’m angry.

Once again cancer has crept its way back into my life. Three people in my world are struggling with this deadly disease.

One is in hospice and two are starting chemo.

I am angry.

Cancer took my mother-in-law seven years ago this October. I hate cancer. I hate its effects. I hate the sadness it causes.

What do you deal with such emotions? How do you cope with the helpless feelings?

It’s ok to be angry and scared. There’s no harm or foul in that. What we do with those feelings, that’s what matters.

What do you all do to cope with intense feelings that accompany horrible life circumstances?

I write. Working on a story helps distract me. And in some cases I can rewrite how things unfold. But overall, it helps me process.

I pray. I ask God for healing, and I trust that if it’s in His will, it’ll happen. But I also ask strength to face the emotions that come with the situation.

I cry. Never hold back the tears. They don’t make you weak. They help let out the emotions. Don’t keep things bottled up.

I talk. With my family. My friends. With all of you guys on my social media. Finding support is key. It can give you strength and it helps give others strength too.

We’re in this life together, my friends. Stay strong.

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