What do you think beauty is?  

A sunset? A great book? Or maybe a great song? 

I’d venture to say that God’s creations are the most beautiful things I’ve seen, whether through photos or personal experiences.  Here are a couple:

Since I’m not much of an explorer and not known to take many risks (other than speeding down a hill at 35 miles per hour on my road bike), so I live vicariously through my Dad’s adventures.  He recently just got back from Mount Rainier and I think these pictures are a thing of beauty.

What’s your idea of beauty?

5 thoughts on “BEAUTY

  1. To me beauty is rolling, misty green hills i.e. Scotland or when you can feel love shine out from someone to you or when you and friends laugh uncontrollably and then finally the poignant sounds of/or feelings, a familiar song/tune can inspire…

  2. I think that’s beautiful, too, JC. I’m fascinated by the identities left when souls pass from this world.

    These pictures are beautiful.

    I find many things beautiful: Music, words, nature, the human body (most of the time). My favorite things are sunrises and sunsets. Gorgeous!

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