Christmas Weekend…are you ready?

It’s nearly Christmas! I can’t believe it. Does your family open Christmas presents Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?

Growing up, Christmas EVE, was the main event because that’s when we opened all our presents. We’d always have a big dinner then open presents.

Now that family is all spread out, it’s usually just me and my sweet hubby. One thing we like to do is drive around and look at all the Christmas lights around where we live. We pack up a thermos of hot chocolate and cruise around, enjoying the sights and good company!

What’s your family Christmas Tradition?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Weekend…are you ready?

  1. Well growing up with my two older sisters, and my younger brother we were always aloud to open one present on Christmas Eve. And then on Christmas morning we would all wake up and there would be gifts set out all over the living room, and wrapped gifts under the tree. And then later on that day we would have our Christmas dinner.
    Now it seems as though everyone is spread out all over. We still have our dinner and open presents on Christmas day. But like with me and my granddaughter and my younger son will open presents on Dec. 23rd because of course Kenzie will have to be at her moms on Christmas morning. And this year was not as exciting with my older son and his wife and my grandsons because they are spend Christmas in Hawaii. It just cost to much to fly them all home. So I sent them some money and they will buy the boys things and wrap them up from me. Even though we are not together in body, I always tell them “Heart to Heart we are never truly apart”
    Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!
    Happy reading and writing*

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