Contest Fun:


Hello, everyone. I’m Caleb Aspros. Lynn writes about me in her novel Guardian.

I saw that when Frostbite recently finaled in a contest, Amanda Smith popped back onto the blog to share the news.  So, I thought it would be fun to do the same.

Now, I hosted the Light of Truth blog WAY back in May of 2009, so you probably don’t remember. Besides, it was kind of boring. You would think my being  300-years-old would mean I have some interesting things to share.

It doesn’t.

Just means I’m horribly computer illiterate.  I had to have my fellow Guardian, Madison, help me with most of my posts. She’s our computer wizard.

Lynn entered Guardian in the Launching a Star contest way back in August of this year. So, on Sunday, when she got the call, she was excited needless to say. I exist only in the computer and even I heard her squealing.

But that’s okay. To celebrate even the smallest success is fun to do. We should all do the same with anything we can. So, thanks for celebrating this little milestone with us!



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