Dark Fate Review

I got to see Terminator Dark Fate yesterday. And I have to say, I like this one, too.

It has a different spin to the same story line, but I’m totally ok with that. It’s a fun storyline. The action was phenomenal. And Linda Hamilton….yeah she owns badassery for sure.

I’m not super versed in the history, timelines and all the technical stuff about the Terminator universe, so keep that in mind as I start my next sentence.

It appears the movie picks up from Terminator 2, like the third one (with Claire Danes) didn’t happen. I’m sure I’m missing something from the Terminator universe that would explain why that is, but it’s ok, they addressed what happened in the gap really well. And what happened after Terminator 2…let’s just say, it was surprising.

I gave it a solid 7/10 over at IMDB. My finger hovered over the 8 for a second, but it wasn’t quite original enough to push it that high.

What’d you guys think?

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