Captain America

Captain_America_1400_x_2100_USA_AppleOver New Years, I watched the first Captain America again. I just loved the second one, but needed a refresher. Boy, did I forget how AWESOME Captain America was.

Mostly what stuck out to me is the romance with him and Agent Carter (and yes, I’m stoked to watch that show on TV–she kicks BUTT!) It was so intense, yet in the movie, they only shared one very innocent kiss.

Yet, I felt the love. The devotion. The respect. Amazing how that can happen with just one kiss, a few intense looks.

Now that’s romance, in my book!  🙂

What movies are you watching these days?


Top Ten Movie Blogfest

TOPTENMOVIEAlex is hosting a fun TOP TEN MOVIE countdown blogfest. When I saw it was movies, I had to jump in. I’m all about the movies.


I love movies and for the entire month of February I think I watched about 3-5 per day. No, I’m not crazy or anything, I was just recovery from a big surgery, so I had a lot of down time. Yet I was just too doped up on pain meds to concentrate much to read books. So, movies were the stand in.

And…I had a few “GO TO” movies to help pass the time. Ever notice how some of the movies you love change in ranking depending on the circumstances? Must be my mood or something–LOL. For now, here are my top ten:

Number TEN:

The Matrix. Specifically that mega fight scene when they go to save Morpheus.  I mean, look at TRINITY kick some butt. Oh, and Neo, too!


Number NINE:

Footloose (The 1980’s version!)


Number EIGHT:

Twilight Saga–yes. Don’t judge me!  🙂  I love the last two movies the best–Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and Pt 2!


Number SEVEN:

Avengers. I think they did HULK very well in this movie. Don’t you?


Number SIX:

Terminator (#s 2 and Salvation)–Sarah Connor was WICKED in the second movie. Tough–but soooo broken!


Number FIVE:

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


Number FOUR:

Underworld (all of them!)


Number THREE:

Sixteen Candles


Number TWO:

The Jason Bourne Movies! All of them ROCK!


Number ONE:



I kind of like action movies, can you tell?

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