Driving blind is an adventure. #TheRunningWriter

Driving blind is an adventure.


Sometimes I have absolutely no idea where my path is leading. Kind of like I’m driving blind. It’s a scary feeling, especially since I like to be in control.

For a while there I thought I was to be a pro speed skater. I loved it. Lived for it. Was obsessed with it.

And that might have been the problem.

Nothing else but that mattered. My faith, friends, and family took a hit. I put skating in front of everything.

But when I stopped, I stepped into the unknown. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

I was driving blind.

But that’s okay. With my faith back in the driver’s side where it should be, I trusted my direction.

It’s not been an easy road by any means, and there are still bumps, but when faith is driving my car, I can handle the bumps.

And it’s a wild adventure, that’s for sure.

So, what—or who—is driving your car?

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