Break apart the lies #TheRunningWriter

Break apart the lies.


Have you ever stopped and thought about all the lies we believe?

Everyday lies are spewed to us through society, pseudo-friends, TV shows, movies, etc.

Sure, some of these are for entertainment purposes in movies, books, etc., and we know they are falsehoods, but we still believe them.

I have to be skinny to fit in.

I have to show more skin to be noticed.

I have to find a man exactly like the one I’m reading about in this book or I won’t be happy.

Sex will make him love me.

It’s ok to do whatever feels right.

That’s just a few of them I’ve noticed in the last 24 hours or so from TV, books, advertisements, overheard discussions. And I wasn’t even purposely looking at or listening to my surroundings for examples to write this post.

It’s sad, really, if you think about it. How much hope and power we put into the above mentioned lies to make us happy.

When we start breaking apart the lies, though, we can find freedom.

One lie I want to hit on today is about modesty. Respecting my body by staying healthy is where I find my confidence—not showing more of it to the world.

Dressing conservatively is respecting my body and those people around me—both the men and women around me.

I heard a really neat way of describing this concept once that stuck with me. Men are visually oriented, and if I’m showing lots of skin I’m putting a picture of me in a man’s mind. You might think that’s not a big deal, but how’s that fair to his wife or his future wife?

But more so, what am I trying to do by revealing lots of skin? That’s what we really need to get into to find out what lie I’ve been told or shown.

Am I seeking approval? Proving something? Lacking intimacy in current relationship? Combatting a verbally abusive relationship?

There are many reasons behind believing the lie that you must show off your body, but true confidence comes from inside. From surrounding yourself with true, non-judgmental friends. From working hard. From serving others. From lifting the people around you up. From loving yourself, flaws and all. From a solid foundation of faith.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are treasured.

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