Face Everything And Rise #TheRunningWriter

Acronym for FEAR:





I love that!!

I found this song by Papa Roach, way back in March. I asked my social media followers for songs to help fill my iPhone for my 7+ hour 50k race up to Crown King, AZ.

This one came across the comments, and I listened to it. It’s pretty hard rock, but I like some of that on my long runs to pump me up.

But what I liked most was the acronym. I mean, how cool is this? Face everything and rise. FEAR.


I was scared to face off with climbing over 6000 feet over 30+ miles from Lake Pleasant up to Crown King Arizona. But I was determined.

The first time I wanted to run this race I broke my foot a few months prior, so that wasn’t going to work.

The second time I was training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so I was running flats on the road. No way was I in shape to climb all that elevation on rocky trails.

Finally I was ready to give this a try. And after coming off my first DNF (Did Not Finish) 50k race just a few months early, there was some fear going on.

But I faced it. Dead on, people. I pushed through the fear and doubt and gave it my all. It was a hard race for sure, but I made it. I didn’t win. I wasn’t super fast. BUT… I’d done it. And I had a blast. I was so happy I faced off with that ever-elusive mountain.

Some times our fears aren’t literally a mountain. They could be people at work, family, situations we’ve been avoiding for whatever reason.

You got this, people.

Face Everything And Rise, my friends.

This post was inspired by the song Face Everything And Rise, by Papa Roach

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