Fear #TheRunningWriter



That feeling of helplessness when you feel the tip of your shoe catch a rock. One second you’re going along, enjoying the outdoors, the fresh air, the beautiful sights.

And then you’re eating dirt.

It happens both fast and slow if that’s possible. It’s like you feel the catch at the toe of your shoe, your muscles tense, you wave your arms furiously to keep balanced.

But nothing works. The momentum is just too great. And then you flip into preservation mode. You’re going down, nothing can stop that, but how can I land so there is minimal damage?

Depends on your surroundings. Cactus, rock, etc. Falling is going to hurt regardless, so you just have to brace for it.

I fell a few months ago, and while I missed landing in the cactus that was pretty much right next to me, I did slide over the side of the trail a bit, which was a little scary.

It’s part of trail running. It’s not if, it’s when. It’s a risk, but it doesn’t keep me off the trails. I risk it for the enjoyment. The health. The interaction with my trail friends.

Don’t let fear hold you back from living life, interacting with friends, finding love. Yeah. You might get hurt, physically or emotionally, but you’re strong. You can face whatever life throws at you.

It’s worth the risk.

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