Friday Funnies

Happy Friday!

Had to go with a basketball Friday Funny since it’s March Madness . . .




Sure, these aren’t all college, but they were basketball and they were funny, so I had to go with them.

How are you all doing on your brackets?

4 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. I was up until 12:30 a.m. watching the K-State-Xavier game go into double OT last night. What a fantastic game! (Even though the team I picked to advance lost.) Hmmmpf.

    I recently edited video for the state tournaments here. The hometown team made it into the finals. There is one clip our videographer caught where someone from the opposing team stole the ball, ran to the bucket and went up to dunk. The ball bounced out of the bucket, into the hands of a hometown team player, who took it back down the court and shot an easy-peasy three-pointer.

    It was awesome.

  2. Elana–I hear ya. I like sports, don’t get me wrong, but I usually have my lap top fired up while he’s watching. There’s just something about being in the same room with my hubby, even if I’m not watching what he’s watching. 🙂

    Lori–UK and Ohio State, huh? I’ll have to see if Charlie’s got them on his brackets left. . . . he said that a couple girls, who don’t follow sports, picked brackets on guesses…and they’re beating everyone! LOL Go figure.

  3. My husband has been so buried in homework that I don’t know where the NCAA is. The only reason I watch is because he does and I want to be with him. So yeah. No idea!

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