Happy Dance Time





Since I don’t sleep–ever–I have a lot of time to watch TV, movies, and to read books. And this show–Carlton, especially–just cracks me up.

I figured laughing hysterically at Carlton’s dance moves would be a good way to end the week.

Thanks for sharing in all the excitement of the three book deal and hanging with me.

Lynn’s crazy active on Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned to those for deets on release dates and fun stuff leading up to the big day.

And stay tuned for tomorrow…I’ve got a SWEET post lined up.

A prize or two might be involved….


9 thoughts on “Happy Dance Time

  1. I used to LOVE Fresh Prince! And Carlton was one of the best characters. To this day I can’t listen to Tom Jones without thinking about him first! LOL *big hug* I am so happy for you!

  2. He cracks me up! What a great show that was. Happy Friday, Lynn! Congrats on your big annoucement earlier this week!

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