End of an Era…

Wasteland RT Quote Cover

Okay, not officially an era, but for me, it kind of is.

Wasteland, the first book in my Wasteland Trilogy, with Crescent Moon Press, was the first book I ever published.

There were a lot of firsts involved with Wasteland….

My first experience with a publisher.

My first book signing event. (My hand was shaking so bad, I’m not sure my name was legible.)

My first experience with marketing.

My first experience with good & bad reviews.

I think you get the picture.

It opened doors for me that led to me publishing TWELVE books between 2011 and September 2014. That was a lot of hard work–but rewarding work. I’ve met so many people, learned so much, and I am forever grateful!

Now what’s this got to do with the title “end of an era?”

Top Pick Violet MidnightWell…as of March 31st, 11:59pm, Crescent Moon Press is releasing all their authors. Every single one of them.

What that means…All seven of my books published with them: Wasteland, Awaited, Tainted, Prelude to Darkness, Violet Midnight, Violet Dawn & Violet Storm will be out of print and pulled from all e-book retailers.

They are now mine again to do with what I please. I could republish them on my own or just hold onto them for a while….Right now, I’m not sure what I will do, and that’s okay. I don’t need to.


My other books

Bound by Hades trilogy from Entangled Embrace and my self-pub trilogy, Touch of Frost, are still out there in print and ebook form wherever books are sold, so I’ll have fun with those for a while.

I am working on a few projects (because the voices never shut up in my head…) You might have seen pictures of Alastair on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. He just might be involved with these projects….

So, stay tuned.

And thanks for taking the journey with me and my Wasteland and Violet Night Trilogies! Your support of me and my books is so appreciated.

I’ll see you all soon at Author Palooza on April 18th down at Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore in Phoenix, AZ and then at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Dallas May 12-17th!

Happy reading, my friends!


#CoverReveal Tainted, by Lynn Rush

TAINTED, the final book in the Wasteland Trilogy, has a cover!



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Awaited with Caridad QuoteWasteland RT Quote Cover

I’m super excited, yet sad at the same time. Wasteland is coming to an end. Back in September 2011, the ride began with Wasteland. Then May 2012 Awaited, and now….Tainted. January 15th is the official release date; however, I’m celebrating the release with a couple of fellow CMP authors on January 22nd, 2013. So, be sure to read on for details, because a Kindle Paperwhite will be up for grabs at that party!

I’m sharing today’s cover reveal with those two, very special CMP authors, Jean Murray and Sasha Summers. Check out their awesome covers! Don’t miss the Giveaway…a great set of e-books and eARCs are up for grabs!

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