So, are you getting stoked about the iPhone 5?? Wishing your upgrade date was sooner?

I’ve got the iPhone 4 (I think..not the one with SIRI) and I love it. 

And yep, my upgrade is in October! So, I’m thinking I might have to venture into the land of iPhone 5!!

How ’bout you? Are you into smart phones? iPhones? Or are you still carrying the flip phone and pressing #2 three times to get a letter for a text?  Maybe you’re asking…what’s an iPhone?

4 thoughts on “iPhones…

  1. Hi Lynn, I just had my upgrade and actually received an offer from att to upgrade to the iphone 5 for only $199 and that is a great deal. But my son’s said that the problem with going to the iphone 5 is that they have not worked the bugs out of it yet, that is why if you will notice there is a iphone 3, but then there is a 3S, and again with the iphone 4, and there is a 4S. I had a iphone 3S and decided to go with the 4S and wait for them to get the bugs out of the 5 and come out with the 5S. I am like you I love my iphone!!!
    Happy reading and writing*

  2. I was on the old flip phone until about a year ago when it died and I was forced to upgrade. My local stores only carry smart phones, so I went with the Iphone4. I was reluctant because before I used my phone for making calls, the calendar feature and writing the odd text, so what did I need all the other fancy features for? Well, I love my Iphone. I do soooooo much more on it. I can get my email anywhere, check Facebook and other online communities, and download books to the Iphone Kindle app so if I have to wait anywhere, I can read without carrying a heavy book around all the time. And believe me, being pregnant and going to a doctor’s office just about every week, that Kindle feature is really being used!
    I don’t get an upgrade for a while though – probably not for another 2 years. By then I figure my phone will be completely out of date and there’ll be tons of cool new phones and features, so I don’t mind waiting.

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