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Mandy’s Back in Print

The Touch of Frost Trilogy is BACK IN PRINT!

We’ve got new and updated content, new material at the end of each book, and new covers! I had such a blast going through these books again, I even got an idea for a spin-off book with a character in Cryostorm. I won’t say who to prevent spoilers, but it’s a girl! And there might be some electricity involved…

For those of you who already have the digital books purchased, the new content has been updated there, too, so if you re-download the e-books, you will have the new versions.

Autographed copies available

We do have the option for you to purchase autographed copies of the trilogy. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE and it’ll take you to the purchase page. Or if you’d rather purchase on Amazon, you can find them below by clicking on the book you want:

Frostbite,  Absolute Zero, Cryostorm.

Thank you, my friends, for all your support of this series. I just love Mandy and her frosty adventures.



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