Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. ~William Eardley IV 


Sticking with something is truly difficult. Especially when faced with resistance, rejection, and frustration. 

Writing books is hard. Not only the story writing part, but the path to publication.

Editing, submitting to publishers/agents, and then waiting for acceptance/rejections. 

One could go crazy during the down time. Or quit when they get rejections or are waiting to hear back. 

But persistence is key. In any adventure. 

I love to write. I love making stories. It’s worth the wait to me. 

I’ve faced quite a bit of discouragement mixed in with excitement and success on this writing journey. But I love story writing, so as long as the stories keep coming…I’ll keep writing them. 

And since there’s lots of waiting time in this industry, it’s just more time to write, right?

Stay strong, my friends. 

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