Never give up!

If you follow me online you see those three words written a lot. Or at least hashtagged.

Yesterday was a hard day, one the hardest in a while. Not so much physically, but mentally.

We all have those days when we have to do things we don’t want to, but know they need to be done. Or when things happen that feel like kick to the stomach.

It’s easy to curl into yourself, doubt your skills or worth. Maybe even question your role in the universe.

It’s okay to do that for a bit. It’s actually good. Because if you walk through life numb, never questioning yourself or what’s going on around you, you’ll never grow.

Just don’t get stuck there too long.

Keep moving, getting sharpened by the things happening around—and to—you.

And most importantly, never give up. You are loved. You are wanted. And you are worthwhile.

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