Slow is hard.


Ever notice how much of a hurry everyone is in? Like at a restaurant, if our food isn’t out in a few minutes we start bugging the waitress.

When we try to lose weight, the pounds can’t be shed quickly enough.

There are lots of examples of our impatience. But really, taking things slowly might be the change we need.

Take cooking for example. Making quality, healthy food can take a little extra time and money. But the outcome is healthier.

Losing weight. It’s a known fact that the faster you lose the pounds the more likely they’ll right come back. That’s why fad diets don’t work.

Right now, when everyone is in the mind-frame of resolution making, don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge list of things you have to change.

I challenge you to do one thing that’ll help change your lifestyle for the positive.

Slow down.

Yep. Those two words are all encompassing.

Everyone is always so hurried. Rushing from one appointment to another. Rushing through breakfast, lunch, dinner. Barely having time to breathe.

Slow down.

That might mean saying no to things.

Slimming down appointments.

Trimming down/delegating some of your TO-DO list items.

Taking a bubble bath more often.

Whatever that looks like, the key is to slow down.

Will you give it a try? You’re worth it.

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