Small but big #TheRunningWriter

Ever just sit outside in the dark and watch the stars? They really do flicker, don’t they? Now I don’t know much about the stars and stuff, but one thing I do know, I always feel small when it comes to the sky.

Then, a distance away, a bit of lightning lights up the sky for a brief second. Man that’s beautiful. And yep. It confirms that I’m pretty small in comparison to the big sky–and the world for that matter.

But another thing I know: I may be small, but I can still have a big impact.

You can, too!

So, today, I challenge you to be a light to someone around you.

Give a compliment. Hold a door open for someone. Let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store. Buy someone’s coffee. Write someone an encouraging note.

It might brighten that person’s day.

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