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Indie-Pendence Week

Welcome to Indie-Pendence Week!!!

Super excited to be a part of this with GraveTells.com!

I’m with a small publishing house, Crescent Moon Press. They’re handling my Wasteland Trilogy and my Violet Night Trilogy.

There are plenty of reasons smaller presses are a great way to go, but one for me..Flexibilty!

You might be hearing the word New Adult more and more around the web because it’s starting to take the writing world by storm. And with a small press, they have a little more flexibility when it comes to trying something new. My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, is among the first to publish New Adult as its own separate line.

If you look closely at the top edge of the CMP covers (Wasteland and Awaited), you’ll see that it says Crescent Moon Press New Adult.

I mean, how cool is that?

I’ve always written for the twenty-something crowd, but I’d always been told my characters wouldn’t fit anywhere since they were too old for YA but too young and my steam level too sweet for Adult. But smaller presses have more flexibility in what they publish, and I’m proud to be CMP’s flagship author in the New Adult category.

So, I’m very happy to be celebrating Indie-Pendence Week! And what’s a celebration without a few prizes?
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Cover Reveal Demon Hunt

This cover completely ROCKS!!!!

Tribred Gregor Caine decided long ago to deny his blood legacy. So he isn’t happy when paired with a full-blooded Fae to hunt the demons threatening to overrun Los Angeles. As they fight side by side, he finds she calls to both his Fae and his demon blood; a call he can’t resist.

Warrior Fae Serra Willows crossed into the Human Plane to help destroy the demons released from the Chaos Plane. Finding and shutting down the portal between worlds is more challenging than she expected…and Gregor and his world more seductive than she had ever imagined.

As the killings escalate, Gregor and Serra realize one of the most deadly demons from the Chaos Plane has marked Serra as his own. To save her, Gregor has to face his greatest fear—losing his humanity to the darkness in his blood. But in a race against time, that darkness could become his greatest strength. And he will kill to claim Serra’s love.

Come find Christine Ashworth online:

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#CoverReveal DENIED

Okay, is this an awesome cover or what?



By Kinley Baker

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

When invaders brutally massacred the women and children of the Varner, Caleb witnessed loss and destruction on a scale few can comprehend. As the leader of a race on the brink of extinction, his only hope for survival is gaining acceptance into the Shadow Shifter Kingdom. Struggling with new customs, he meets Tabitha, a woman who challenges his limits.

Refused the right to join the king’s guard because of her gender, Tabitha must be stronger than the men to prove she deserves to be the first accepted female Warrior in the kingdom. She believes Caleb will help improve her abilities, until she learns her goals conflict with the foundation of his culture.

When the realm is attacked, Tabitha and Caleb must come together not only to fight, but to find the strength to win against an evil with the potential to destroy everything they revere most–including each other.

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