Blog Tour Winners….

It was a fantastic blog tour with Crescent Moon Press and my fellow authors. Head on over to CMP’s blog to find out if you’re the grand prize winner if you haven’t already.


But today, I wanted to announce the winner of David’s day on the blog tour. You guys really made him feel welcome with all your comments and entries. He’s not real fond of technology, but you warmed him up to it with all your participation.

So, the winner of the Fit In Anywhere Pack is……

Stephanie Van Winkle


Contact me with your mailing addy ( and I’ll ship this prize off to you asap.


Wasteland will be released September 2011, so stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for many more contests and announcements as we near release day.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour Winners….

  1. Congrats to Stephane! Wow, September 2011 is right around the corner, Lynn. How exciting! Happy Saturday!

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