How’s Your #NaNoWriMo Going?

Who’s participating in Nano?

**waves hand wildly**

How are things going for you?

I’m having a blast with nano. We meet on Twitter under the hashtag #NanoBots all the time for sprints. So far, the words have been flowing freely, so I’ve been writing every free minute I have outside my day job.

It’s funny, because on the nano site, you’re supposed to put in a title and little description on what you’re writing. 

I had neither.

For this year’s Nano, I am writing the sequel to Forged By Fate. Remember that one? You all helped me find a title?

Yeah, I often don’t have titles, or even character names while writing books. I just run with it. And during the writing of this sequel, book THREE has popped into my head as well.

So I’m going to just keep writing as long as the words flow. 

How is your Nano going? Not doing Nano this year? What’s on your plate? Or maybe you’re a reader. Are your favorite authors participating in Nano? What books are you hoping they’re writing sequels to? 

The Romance Reviews YES party

Where’s the party? Over at The Romance Reviews.

It’s going on all month long and you have chances to win mega books and have all kinds of fun.

Today is one of my Q&As over there.

Come check it out:  CLICK HERE


Okay, so who’s participating in NaNoWriMo? Come find me, I’m LynnRush over there.

It’s my third year this year doing NaNo, and I’m working on Wasteland 3. I’m super excited to write this story and see where Durk takes things.

He’s a nearly 400 year old Guardian who’s….well….a little mad about being a Guardian right now. So, I’m having fun writing his rebellion. **evil grin**


Okay, some of you might be going, “HUH? What the heck is a NaNoWriMo?”

I first thought that as well. **LOL**

It stands for National Novel Writing Month.

You might be smirking, “Yeah, right. Write a novel in a month?”

Well, it’s actually a “contest” to see if we can get 50,000 words on our next novel done from November 1st to  November 30th.

Sure, some novels are 50,000 words, but mine aren’t, so I use this as a starting point. I’m going to try and write Emma and Jake’s third book, which you all helped me title: Violet Storm.

It’s totally fun to go through the process with so many other writers. Makes the process a tad less lonely, you know?

Are you guys doing it? Come “buddy” me and we’ll go through it together. My username is LynnRush.

Wanna help?

Have you guys heard of NaNoWriMo?

Well, I’m kinda toying with the idea of writing book three to Emma’s story. I’ve got the first two done:

Violet Midnight and Violet Dawn

I have some ideas sparking to life in my head about the third book, so I’m thinking I’ll try it for NaNo, but, I need a title.

I mean, I don’t NEED NEED a title to do NaNo, but it’s nice to have something to type in next to what I’m working on.

CLICK HERE for a brief description of Violet Midnight. That might help.

I obviously want to try and keep violet in the title somewhere, and I have a few ideas written down (like, Violet Moon or Violet Night,) but I wanted to hear from you guys.


Any ideas?

I’d love to hear them.