Wanna help?

Have you guys heard of NaNoWriMo?

Well, I’m kinda toying with the idea of writing book three to Emma’s story. I’ve got the first two done:

Violet Midnight and Violet Dawn

I have some ideas sparking to life in my head about the third book, so I’m thinking I’ll try it for NaNo, but, I need a title.

I mean, I don’t NEED NEED a title to do NaNo, but it’s nice to have something to type in next to what I’m working on.

CLICK HERE for a brief description of Violet Midnight. That might help.

I obviously want to try and keep violet in the title somewhere, and I have a few ideas written down (like, Violet Moon or Violet Night,) but I wanted to hear from you guys.


Any ideas?

I’d love to hear them.


34 thoughts on “Wanna help?

  1. Girl, you don’t need a month to write a book! You can do it in a week the way you pump out those words. How about, Forever Violet.

    1. LOVE Violet Storm, too! That one’s on my list as well. I’m glad someone else mentioned it. Because this third book, I have a feeling is gonna be pretty stormy, indeed!!!

  2. Oh, Danica knows I can’t resist title stuff…

    Keeping with the Violet + Time of Dark theme, how about:
    Violet Gloaming
    Violet Afterlight
    Violet Eventide

  3. Hmm, u’ve got midnight and dawn…so sort of a progression…Violet Noon? (Sort of a take on the Western idea of High Noon standoffs?)

    Or Violet Glory?

  4. Hmmm, the book sounds great…and since y’all helped me get my title I’ll toss out some ideas:

    Violet Skies
    I like JoAnne’s idea of Violet Dusk, or maybe Violet Sunset?

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