How’s Your #NaNoWriMo Going?

Who’s participating in Nano?

**waves hand wildly**

How are things going for you?

I’m having a blast with nano. We meet on Twitter under the hashtag #NanoBots all the time for sprints. So far, the words have been flowing freely, so I’ve been writing every free minute I have outside my day job.

It’s funny, because on the nano site, you’re supposed to put in a title and little description on what you’re writing. 

I had neither.

For this year’s Nano, I am writing the sequel to Forged By Fate. Remember that one? You all helped me find a title?

Yeah, I often don’t have titles, or even character names while writing books. I just run with it. And during the writing of this sequel, book THREE has popped into my head as well.

So I’m going to just keep writing as long as the words flow. 

How is your Nano going? Not doing Nano this year? What’s on your plate? Or maybe you’re a reader. Are your favorite authors participating in Nano? What books are you hoping they’re writing sequels to? 


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