As you may well know, I’ve posted about the movie “FireProof” on this website before. When it came out, I’d surfed the blogs out there and found many other sites endorsing the movie as well. After most had seen it, they posted favorable reviews, for the most part. Most read like:

“Not oscar worthy performances, but touching nonetheless.”

Well, the other day, I stumbled across a rather scathing review of the movie. I was so disheartened by its harshness. Sure, in the blogging world, we come across all kinds of theories, opinions, and suggestions, it’s our God given right to have each and every one of those things. But sometimes, I think we take it too far. Get a little full of ourselves. 

We’re called to be loving, encouraging, and faithful. Not domineering, degrading, or judgmental. I’m on one spectrum, the “annoyingly un-opinionated” end–well, most of the time.  Anyway, I think it’s about time I ranted a little.

I find it very interesting with us and our puny little minds, think we’re big enough to cast judgment on things. Call them “horrible” or “dumb” or whatever degrading word we can find in our vast vocabulary. And when I found some sites out there shredding the movie “FireProof” I immediately thought about how cruel we can be. Sure, the acting wasn’t amazing and the script wasn’t strong, but look what God is doing through that movie? Those so-called weak and horrible things picked on in those negative reviews. Why would someone want to put up a stumbling block in that? Discourage someone from seeing a movie with a positive message?

What’s next, gonna critique the Bible and how it’s written as well? It’s amateurish in some places as well, but look what it’s done. Someone stepped out in faith, made a Christian movie for the mainstream theaters. Its opening weekend put it at fourth place when it was showing in a fraction of the number of theaters. It offers a message of hope, faith, redemption.  Who are we to post scathing, downgrading reviews? Trying to make ourselves feel more important? 

I applaud the bad acting. I applaud the person who had the guts to step out with a message of love, hope and salvation. I applaud the poor writing. I applaud the quirky attempt at comedic relief humor….as long as it’s in God’s name, spreading God’s word, and giving hope to those who are struggling. 

To all those who have NOT seen it, do NOT be detoured by harsh reviews. Go see it and I have faith that you’ll see God’s message.  Then, make your own decision.

I’d love to hear your thoughts everyone.


  1. There are plenty of Christian scripts out there. When I spoke with Joe Eszterhas (the screenwriter of Showgirls and Basic Instinct who recently turned his life over for God), he said there’s nothing in Hollywood that gathers more disdain than someone who claims to be a Christian AND practices what they preach.

    He has become somewhat of an outcast in Hollywood because of his conversion. He told me (and he talks about it in his memoir “Crossbearer”) about a script he wrote after his reconciliation with God. It for a TV show with the main character as a gritty, urban good-guy priest. The show had a positive message, but none of the networks picked it up because they were afraid of its Christian message.

    I’d hate to say it, but I think any writer, actor, musician, entertainer who identifies himself or herself as a Christian in Hollywood is a pilgrim in an unholy land.

    That, to me, is a frightening thought.

    Good blog today!

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