The four Fs #TheRunningWriter

I can easily get stuck in the tiny little details of daily living to the point life passes me by.

I’m a to-do list girl. There’s no doubt about it. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I feel out of control in my life, I really try to control my lists and checking things off of it even more.

But each day needs to be more than a checklist. More than a day filled with I have to. When that happens it usually means other things fly by the wayside, like Faith, Friends, Fun, and Family. Because I just don’t have time.

But you need the four Fs pretty regularly to keep balanced. And that’s what it’s about, guys, balance.

When things get out of whack we fight so hard to regain balance when what we need to do is step back, take a breath and see what’s out of line.

Stay strong, my friends.

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