#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Listen to pain’s advice.


Yep. Pain can talk. Maybe not verbally, but it can smack you around good—so pay attention.

With athletics, pain can be pretty blunt. A mega injury that takes you out of the game for a while. Or it can be more sneaky. Nagging aches and pains that linger.

The key is to stop and listen to, look at, and feel the pain. What is it telling you?

Maybe you’re not resting enough. Pushing it too hard. Not eating properly. Not training wisely.

Overall just pushing yourself too hard.

Along with my running world, I listen to my pain in the writing world, too. Literally using my sadness or physical pain and throwing it into a story or character sometimes. But also, I listen to the pain of my mistakes and disappointments.

Like repeated rejections from editors or readers. What’s it telling me? How can I use those experiences to better my writing? To grow as a person and as a writer.

I also consider my overall journey as a writer/athlete. Am I on the right path? Doing what God wants me to be doing through my adventures?

I’ve had to answer some of those questions before and make major changes, both in my writing and athletic worlds.

It’s scary, yes, but once you get back on track, things tend fall into place. Your goals and successes might be delayed as a consequence of getting so far off track, but that’s ok. I’ll be wiser for it. Stronger. And, ultimately I will use that to help someone else.

What’s your pain telling you?

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