#TheRunningWriter QOTD

How are you?


Remember that movie, Avatar? The main thing they said to each other was, “I see you.”

As in really see you.

I love that. We are in such a hurry each day to get our tasks done that we sometimes breeze by people.

Sure. We might say, “Hi. How are you?” but do we really want them to stop and tell us how they’re doing?

Ever think about that? How we throw that How are you? phrase around without true intent behind it?

I’m guilty of it for sure.

I honestly try and hold off asking that question unless I have some time to really hear an answer.

So here’s my challenge for today: Next time you ask someone how they are, take time to really listen to them. You might be exactly what they need at that very moment.

1 thought on “#TheRunningWriter QOTD

  1. How often do we just answer “fine” to that question because we know that the person asking really doesn’t care or have time to listen. What if we all just took a few minutes to really listen to each other…:)

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