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Bring on the can’t…


When someone tells me I can’t do something or that something is very difficult, it often makes me want to try it and do it!

Are you like that, too?

I don’t think anyone likes to be told what they can’t do. I get that. I mean, in undergrad, my advisor told me it wasn’t likely I’d get into grad school.

Right then I was like, “Watch me.”

I graduated undergrad with honors and completed my masters degree after that. Sure. It took my third application to grad school to get accepted, but I got in and completed it!

Same with running. I was told that running a full marathon might be difficult because of my body structure and how it’s kind of prone to injury.

I wasn’t officially told I couldn’t do one, but I sure didn’t hear, “Yes! You should do one.”

Well, not only did I run that marathon, I moved on to running two 50k and a 50-mile races.

Each “can’t” listed above was exactly what I needed to hear to motivate me. Almost like the person telling me these things knew it’d make me do them. Reverse psychology, maybe?

Hey. I’m ok with that.

So, what can’t are you guys going do?

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