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Writing is a journey, one I truly love and enjoy, but it can sometimes feel rather lonely. Hour after hour, alone, at the computer, pouring your heart and soul into each word. But I’ve learned I’m not alone, in fact, I’ve been blessed to be in contact with some amazing people, both writers and non-writers.

I want to share a bit of that with you. Each week I’ll be spotlighting someone I’ve come in contact with during my journey. Thanks for stepping along side of me—all of you—during this exciting time!

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Paranormal Reads

The admins over at Paranormal Reads have totally inspired me. They run the Paranormal Reads Facebook page and just recently opened a review blog as well. You can find them on Goodreads, too . I found their Facebook page over a month ago, and I’m having so much fun hanging out with them.

They talk books, movies, pictures, reviews…and they have fun giveaways and contests. What I love most is that they are so supportive and encouraging. With all the negative nellies out there, it’s refreshing to find a space on the internet where there’s encouragement and support.

Keep up the good work, you guys. I’m so glad our paths crossed!

11 thoughts on “This Writer’s Journey…Paranormal Reads

  1. Lynn you said in your Writer’s Journey that you sometime feel alone. I have have had some ask me how I read so much, how I am not lonely being by myself reading, to me when I am reading I am never alone, I have my characters and the story that comes with them. I always thought it was the same for a writer. I have always wanted to write, but have yet to figure out how to get started. I do write poetry. But I get this want to write some kind of stories, novel or something like that. It has always been a desire of mine.

  2. Thanks for the new web site to check out. I will be on line all day. We woke up to alot of blowing snow in Buffalo NY. First storm of the year believe it or not. We did’nt even have a white christmas. Have a great weekend.—Rachel

  3. This is such a cool idea. I think building support around you as a writer is really important. You’re right, it can feel like a lonely business.

    Thanks for sharing the Paranormal Reads. I’m going to check them out now 🙂

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