Throwback Thursday… Yippee-ki-yay

Throwing you back to 1988 for this Throwback Thursday…

Die Hard


Okay, I’m a fan of action movies. It’s no secret. And Bruce Willis action movies are high up there on my favorite list. He’s got a wide range of movies out there, doesn’t he?

But Die Hard has to be one of my favorites.



I even liked the fourth one.



I love the “You just killed a helicopter with a car” – “I was out of bullets” part. That was freaking awesome.

Now, the Die Hard #2 and #3 weren’t high on my “like” list, but still….

Bruce has aged well with these movies.

IMDB shows there might be another one? Die Hard 5. Has anyone heard about that?

19 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday… Yippee-ki-yay

  1. I enjoyed the first, but stopped there. Normally I’m disappointed with sequels, so I move on. Please don’t throw eggs at me…… 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • No eggs are getting thrown from me. I usually agree. It was the same with Die Hard. #2 and #3 didn’t do so well….#4 did, but that’s strange. Unlike Terminator. The 2nd one was almost better than the first! LOL

  2. oooohhhh, Lynn- I’m in a paroxysm of joy here- I ADORE this movie!! I, as usual, love the bad boy more than the hero. This was the movie where I fell in love with Alan Rickman. THANKS for making my day!!

    My #2 son always says this is his favorite Chriistmas movie!

  3. I’m with you Lynn. I love the die hards. #1 was awesome. #2 wasn’t too bad. #3 was a disappointment. #4 was awesome. I love Justin Long in that one and all the humor. If there’s a #5 coming, I’m one happy girl.

    I love Bruce Willis in almost everything. He tends to play quirky characters and does them very well. Red was another great movie – helped that it also has Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich, two more actors I love.

  4. Did you see the one with all the old guys? I think it was called “Red” ? That was awesome. Helen Mirren with a machine gun = priceless. I like Bruce Willis too, but I haven’t seen all the “Die Hard” movies.

  5. This is one of my favorite movies ever. I will watch it any time it’s on. It’s just…awesome! LOL I don’t think I even saw the 2nd one. The 3rd one was okay because Samuel L. Jackson and Jeffery Irons was in it. Haven’t seen 4 either and now there’s a 5th???

    Oh, did you hear that they’re making a Lone Star movie? Johnny Depp is playing Tonto.

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