Throwback Thursdays


Remember Nightmare on Elm Street?

Okay, that movie came out in 1984. I can’t remember exactly when I saw it or how old I was, but I think I watched it with some girlfriends at a slumber party I think.

I was scared for, like, TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Oh my gosh.


Have you seen it?

Are  you a fan of scary movies? What’s your fav?


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays

  1. Oh yes, I remember being about 9 or 10 when Nightmare on Elm Street came out. I’d go sleep at my dad’s house and there was NO WAY I was sleeping alone so Freddy could come get me. So I’d sleep with my little brother (cause you know, if Freddie DID show up, I’d have a 50/50 chance of making it out of there). Cold, but practical for a kid.

    They remade it, btw. It’ll be coming out sometime this winter, I think. Can’t believe they remade it though. It’s a classic and should remain in the books as is!

    Ooh, Darkness Falls seriously freaked me out. I was scared for that one. List of other scary ones: The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (freaky!), and Halloween 2

  2. Lori—Oh, Silence of the Lambs….I haven’t seen Disturbia, but Silence of the Lambs. . . . yikes.
    KM—Oh, I love Underworld. Yeah, rise of the lycans was good. I liked the first one the best though. They aren’t so scary, but more the bloody kind of horror flick. 🙂
    Donna—Hey, stranger. Glad you stopped by. Yeah. Watching IS a different story than reading, huh? I think it’s the MUSIC that gets me in the movies. . . Ah, thanks for the compliment. You’re sweet!
    Chris—Darkness Falls scared the creepers out of me, but you didn’t think it was scary? I’m an old fart compared to you, though…I must scare more easy, huh? LOL.

  3. Hmm… Never seen Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve watched a lot of other movies, though. Disturbia, The Ring, Darkness Falls (that one wasn’t really scary), The Eye… Funny how I can’t remember any others. I’ve watched a ton. =)
    KM, I don’t think Van Helsing was that scary. I thought it was kinda cool… kinda not. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was on par with that one.
    Great post, Lynn! Very Halloween-ish. 🙂

  4. I have never seen any of the regular horror movies because they scare the bejeebers out of me. As a child there was a girl who lived next door – she was older and was supposed to take me and her sister to the kiddy matinee at the movies. Instead, every week, she dragged us to the next theater with the horror movie where Gail and I cowered on the floor, crying and agonizing until the end. Those sound tracks were SCARY enough. Finally one of us tattled on her, she got in trouble and we got to go back to the kid movies. It scared me for life I guess as to this day I NEVER watch scary movies. I can’t even watch PSYCHO.

    I do remember as a teen watching a couple of things that scared me for weeks. I had nightmares – but they were true life things aimed at scaring teens not to drive drunk to the prom, etc.

    It’s funny because I LOVE mysteries and I have read some horror – guess watching it is a different story.

  5. That is pretty scarry, Lori 🙂 LOL

    I watched ol Freddy. Pretty scary.

    Went thru a scary movie craze. . .yuck! Watched all the ickies hee hee. Haven’t anymore

    Now my “horror” tastes are Underworld, Van Helsing, Hellboy. My fav would be Underworld Rise of the Lycans

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