Scary Movies…

It’s the weekend before Halloween!!! Are you one to celebrate the spooky night? Do the trick-or-treat candy thing?

How ’bout a scary movie marathon?

I’d have to say that if I was going to have a scary movie marathon, I’d watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Those just FREAK me out.

But, I work on the weekends, so I’ll be busy at the bookstore…that’s okay, though, because I’m getting MUCH too wimpy for the scary movies **LOL**

Whatever you do, don’t…fall…asleep!

Nightmare on Elm Street

Here we are on day two of the five days of scary movies. Got a good one for you. . . . But first, here’s a glimpse of Number 5 —  Amityville Horror


Today Nightmare on Elm Street slides into the #4 position on the top five scary movies.




Okay, I watched this movie all the way through, many times. Specifically at slumber parties when I was young. Oh my word. This movie is so scary. But then again, it’s WES-FREAKING-CRAVEN, right?

What’d you think???

Throwback Thursdays


Remember Nightmare on Elm Street?

Okay, that movie came out in 1984. I can’t remember exactly when I saw it or how old I was, but I think I watched it with some girlfriends at a slumber party I think.

I was scared for, like, TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Oh my gosh.


Have you seen it?

Are  you a fan of scary movies? What’s your fav?