Hey, gang. I have a middle grade story that needs a title. I’ve been calling it “A Pirate’s Grace” but just doesn’t fit. I’ve got the working blurb below so let’s see if you guys have any ideas for me.
Book Blurb:
Once an orphaned stowaway aboard a mighty pirate ship, Raider was accepted and adopted into their crooked family. Growing up surrounded by the self-serving ways of the sea, he knows little of honor—until he rescues a human girl from drowning.
While engrossed in a fantastical tale spun of magic and pirates, eleven-year-old Grace somehow ends up in the middle of the ocean. When it becomes clear that she’s been transported into the pages of the book she was reading, and that she’ll need to locate a very special pendant to return home, she turns to the boy who saved her life.
Raider agrees to join her quest, but with the wicked pirates, mystical creatures and a perilous ocean in their way, the chances of her returning home are fading.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments. Who knows, I may just pick yours!

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