So, it’s October . . . time for scary movies.

We’re counting them down here on the blog. One a week until Halloween week, then it’s a movie a day until our number ONE choice.

Oh boy, it’s gonna be creepy. I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary movies. Ask my sweet hubby–I won’t go to them in the theatre, and when we rent them, I have the pillow up to my face for a majority of them.


Okay, so, we’re starting things off with . . .









Remember that one?

Okay, I did watch this one (yes, pillow to face, lights on, and often plugging my ears) and just watching that movie trailer to make the post today freaked me out

Yes, I’m a dork–I’m totally okay with it.

But here’s a fun little trivia I found:  Virginia Madsen is allergic to bees, so an ambulance was always on set while filming the bee sequence.


So, have you seen it? What’s one of your favorite scary movies?

24 thoughts on “Candyman

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  6. I am not a big fan of scary movies. When I was a teenager, I had a friend who loved them, and she tortured me for years. Nightmare on Elm Street made me afraid to sleep. A monster who gets you when you’re sleeping? That’s just cruel.

    But I love Halloween.

    • Yeah, me neither. Silence of the Lambs is my kind of scary, though. More psychological. Probably cuz I always wanted to do what she does for a living in the movie (Hence the psych degrees–just didn’t work out) Happy Wednesday to you, too, Lori!

  7. Okay…I actually didn’t see this one. I’ve seen previews for it, but it didn’t really appeal to me. I think it was the whole Bloody Mary thing…remember when everyone dared each other to call her in the mirror? Yeah, I never did that. Because…YOU NEVER KNOW! LOL

    Favorite scary movie as in it scared the pants off of me was Parnormal Activity…and yes, it will make an appearance during horror movie week 2

    • You haven’t seen this one??? Oh, you got to. It’s really scary. I haven’t seen Paranormal Activity. I heard it was scary. . . . maybe I’ll have to go see it. . . no, I probably won’t. LOL

  8. First I have to thank you (NOT) for putting not the movie in my head, but the Sammy Davis Jr song. It’s running now on an endless track! YIPES!

    favorite spooky movie- The Exorcist- prob because it was my first. Fav spooky spoof- Young Frankenstein. Jillian

  9. Wow, she was brave to be around bees!

    I can’t watch scary movies either, lol! Ever see the South Park episode with BiggySmalls? Sort of similar to Candyman. But a lot less scary, lol!

  10. Okay, have to share this. As I hit send a guitar played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I’ve checked all 6000 square feet of this house and can’t find some crazy alarm set any where. My eldest promises he didn’t do it. Yeah Right. Okay, time to turn every light on in the house and get the kids up early for school. 🙂 Nothing like a child’s song playing softly in the background to get your blood pumping.

  11. Oh, no! You started with the worst one. No joke. I’m sitting here in a dimly lit room, still pitch black outsidde and my hubby’s out of town. Good thing I didn’t see this last night before bed. Anyway, my husband will laugh. For some reason I am scared to death of this movie. When we were dating he would say the word to tease me. Bring on Freddy, Jason, or any of the others. Just no more Ca… oh can’t finish it. LOL

  12. I’m with you Lynn, pillow covering the face, refuses to watch a scary movie in the theater. But, I’m even worse than you because I couldn’t even watch the trailer you posted! I’m a big chicken! My favorite scary movie is Silence of the Lambs. Not your typical Halloween, slasher movie, but I still can’t watch it alone.

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