Don’t live a “Yay me!” Life #TheRunningWriter

Don’t live a “Yay me!” life.


Doing charity work/serving, isn’t storing up ”yay me” points somewhere that you can turn in for prizes.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we should help people around us. Encourage those who are down. Serve those who need help. Work hard at our jobs.

But we shouldn’t be doing it to build up a store of “Yay me” credits in an imaginary bank so we can expect or buy actions or behaviors from other people.

We can’t buy ourselves good luck, an easy life or our way into heaven with “Yay me” credits.

They say raising a kid takes a village, but I don’t think it stops there.

We need each other through our our entire lives. So if we’re outwardly focused, serving one another instead of storing up “Yay me” credits, we might enjoy life a bit more.

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