Four-Word Interview: Finn Carter

I found another awesome character for the Four-Word Interview!  I mean, Finn Carter is a REAPER!

Check out this book! I would’t have thought it was about a reaper based on the cover. But, the heroine has an awesome name–yep, EMMA–so, I had to check it out!

But thank you to FINN for stepping up to the Four-Word interview challenge!!

Here we go:

Emma Martin: Favorite time of day….

Finn Carter: Mornings when Emma bakes.


EM: Fondest childhood memory is . . .

FC: First time flying.


EM: Favorite food to eat . . .

FC: Mama’s peach cobbler


EM: If granted one wish. . .

FC: To be alive


That last question was a big one. To Be Alive. The Vamps I hunt are “technically” alive–for the most part–but I view them as dead because they’re all about the killing and drinking the blood of the innocent. But this reaper, Finn, looks like a stand-up guy. And he’s really in to Emma. **so sweet**

Go read the blurb for the book, my guess is you’ll pre-order it like I did.

I tend to read a lot since I’m up 24/7. Can’t study all those hours (not that the studying helps much).


PS:  I heard from Lynn, and she says she’s having a blast at RomCon. The convention ends tomorrow and then it’s back to the desert for her….Maybe she’ll let me keep the blog going a bit while she’s settling back in?


2 thoughts on “Four-Word Interview: Finn Carter

  1. Hey Finn, Do you have the recipe for mama’s Peach cobbler, I live in the U.K. and I can’t say it’s anything we make, would love to try it, Thankyou very much x x

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