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Big changes to the blog begin Monday the 14th!!

My characters are taking over for the week, introducing a new blog look, talking music, movies, and fun stuff.

Should make for an interesting Throwback Thursday segment since a few of my characters are over 400 years old. . . .

Anyway, to celebrate the changes, I’m running a little contest this week (14th-18th).

Here are the deets:

Grand Prize: $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Anyone who leaves a comment on any of this week’s posts starting Monday the 14th through Friday the 18th is entered!

Yep, that means if you leave a comment every day this week on the posts my characters put up, you’ll be entered five times in the drawing.

***Oh, but there’s more***

If you want an EXTRA entry in the drawing all you have to do is subscribe to the  blog. See where it says “Subscribe via email” on the left hand side there? That’s where you do it. Anyone who subscribes to the blog Monday the 14th-Friday the 18th will get an extra entry in the pot for the drawing.

***Okay, ONE more way to get an extra entry***

To earn another EXTRA entry in the drawing, come join my fan page. You can click the link here, or on the left side there you’ll see the badge “Visit my Page.” Click that and you’re there. I think they changed it to say, “LIKE” instead of “JOIN”, but whichever, anyone who joins between Monday the 14th through Friday the 18th will get an extra entry in the drawing.


If I’m doing my math right. . . you could have a chance to be entered up to SEVEN times for the $25.00 gift card! Pretty sweet odds if you think about it.

And you never know, my fun characters might put up chances for you to get extra entries, as well, in their posts….they’re kind of unpredictable you know? I mean, half-demons, tiny people with wings, telepaths….just never know what you’re gonna get with them!

Winner will be announced Saturday June 19th

So, I hope you join me for a fun-filled week celebrating the launch of  my new blog design and hanging with a few of my characters.


Now for the fun part: The rules/guidelines/general boring information I have to share when I do a contest. I’m not associated with Barnes and Noble in any way. They didn’t give me the card to give away. I just really like them and since I’m a writer/reader, I figured I’d give that away as a prize. Winners must reside in the continental US. When the winner is announced on SATURDAY the 19th, he/she must contact me. If he/she doesn’t contact me within 30 days, the prize is forfeited. I’ll count one comment per post toward the entries. You can comment as much as you want, but only one will go toward the drawing. Just the comments  on the characters posts  will be counted–so no going to every page on the site to put a comment, although you’re more than welcome to, they just won’t be counted in the drawing as an entry. Ultimately, this is all in good fun, so play nice, okay?


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