Minnesota is NOT the desert

So, these lows of thirty degrees and highs of fifty….that’s just for the birds. This thin-skinned desert rat is no longer a Minnesotan.

Sure, I was born in Fargo, ND (yes, they DO talk like the characters in the movie FARGO!) and then raised in Minnesota (yes, they DO have the twang, too)–but a cold-weather girl no longer am I!


But, the shivers are worth it right now as I get to stroll around the campus that changed my life.

I ventured off to SSU (it was called SSU back then) to play tennis and hopefully get a degree. My high school performance indicated my getting stellar grades in college was still up for debate!

In the end, I DID finish–with honors mind you–with a Psych degree. But most importantly….I met my HUBBY here at this college! So, it’s really great to be here with him again after seventeen years! Strolling down memory lane, going to the place we had our first date, and hanging out with some college buddies.


What are you doing this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Minnesota is NOT the desert

  1. Fargo? Minnesota? Lynn, you are a lot tougher than I am. And you’re right about Minnesota. Walking its streets with snow up to my knees, I could tell in a hurry that Minnesota was not a desert.

  2. I’m more of a cold weather gal – love this time of year and the little chill in the air. Especially love it this year because of being pregnant – I’m my own furnace so I overheated in the summer lol.
    As for this weekend, it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada so doing the family and turkey day thing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to any Canucks out there!

  3. Thank goodness it’s finally starting to cool down here in Los Angeles. The heat spell was getting to be a bit much. I’ve been looking forward to some chill in the air.

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