Musical Monday

So, I watched New Moon again this weekend.

I needed some time to relax after a long week of work, so I vegged out, watched the movie for the umteenth time, and rested up.

It was perfect.

I had to Google this song, Possibility, by Lykke Li to check it out. The music in the Twilight series isn’t really my style, but a couple caught my attention.

It’s so sad sounding, though. But then again, the Twilight movies are filled with emotional turmoil, right? LOL.




What is your idea of the perfect way to relax?

Oh, and are you getting ready for the June 30th premier of Eclipse?

5 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. Jill– Oh yeah…outside with a good book. But then again, I can’t do outside right now here in the desert. It’s getting a bit hot out here. LOL.
    Laura–I bet Eclipse music is coming out really soon! Can’t wait for the movie! Woot.
    Lori–Along the beach is BEST, indeed! Your blog is rocking it with the How Reading a Vampire Book Taught Me More About Faith. It’s really insightful.

  2. I relax a lot of ways – a good book, a great movie, a leisurely walk in perfect weather (along a beach is the best), soothing music… I liked the Twilight soundtrack better than New Moon, but both get a lot of listening out of me. And of course I’m getting ready for Eclipse… mostly on my blog, Dry Ground – a series called How Reading a Vampire Book Taught Me More About Faith. Is that a shameless plug? I guess so. Thanks, Lynn! Have a great Monday and write on!

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