Musical Monday

Happy Monday!


I stumbled on a new song this weekend–at church no less!

Yep, we’re doing a series on Heroes, and the music crew sang this song.


Heroes, by David Cook



I remember David Cook from Idol. He was great, too.

So, who’s your hero?

8 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. The David battle on American Idol — who could forget that? I was rooting for Cook, but was disappointed at how he’d sold-out to the recording company. Here’s hoping his second album has more of him in it 🙂

    My hero?
    No touching story here, it’s plain and simple — my husband! He is awesome, seriously. The best husband ever, and saves me on a daily basis 🙂

  2. I remember David Cook from Idol. Loved his music. I agree, liked his stuff on Idol better.
    I’ve been blessed with many heroes, some of them I see every day. My son, diagnosed with non-verbal Autism when he was young. He now speaks, reads, and has a personality like no other. (Just watch Sheldon on Big Bang Theory and you can see my son grown up.) He never gives up no matter what the challenge. And my hero, the one who granted me such an amazing gift, Jesus. Everyday I think God for entrusting me with such a treasure. Well, okay three gifts plus a husband. LOL Life is never dull.

  3. Great song! Boy, does he have a wonderful voice!
    My heros… there are so many. Jesus, ultimately, of course. And my parents, and my husband… but really, all of my friends have heroic qualities that I admire and aspire to and love. Including Lynn! The writing machine! Happy Monday!

  4. Love David Cook! I wish his music on his CD was a little more like the stuff he did on Idol, though. I prefer his dark side :P.

    I could easily say my husband is my hero, or list quite a few people who were there for me in times of need and helped to bring me through. The doctors and nurses who fought vigilantly against my cancer six years ago–and won :). But their presence in my life at the times I needed them was orchestrated by my real Hero. Ultimately, it has to be Jesus that gets that title for me.

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