#Ragbrai Starts Today….

And so the ride starts….

Today’s the day Lynn starts her 350-mile bike ride across Iowa. They’re ending the ride in Cedar Rapids Iowa a bit shy of the entire ride because of time constraints with work, but still, 350 miles.

And camping….

Lynn doesn’t like camping. Now me, I don’t mind it. Probably because I don’t feel the elements, don’t need to eat or sleep or use the restrooms. Not to mention, I can see *super* well at night thanks to my violet eyes.

Lynn, not so much. But I’m sure she’ll do fine.

How ‘bout you? Do you camp? What’s your favorite part of it? Least favorite?

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4 thoughts on “#Ragbrai Starts Today….

  1. So I got word from Lynn and she’s survived the first leg of the journey. Kind of crazy but I knew she’d do it. She’s not quite as tough as me but she’s close! 😉

  2. We’ve been trying to get the camper ready for the seanson. Just when we think we have one part fixed we find something else needing to be dealt with. We might eventually get out once maybe twice this year. Have fun on the ride!

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