Sleepy Time…

I just had to share a fun picture of my sweet hubby and my dog, Maddux.

You might remember me blogging about a mega biking event, Ragbrai, a couple weeks back. Well, part of bike riding 400+ miles in five days is the recovery. Which means lots of naps (like above). 

While Charlie and I are recovered from the bike ride, I think our dogs were recovering from us being gone so long. LOL.  Must be hard on our four-legged friends while their masters are gone, huh? 

So sweet. I just love their unconditional love, you know? 

Dogs rule. 

Do you have a pet? What kind? Do they get extra cuddly upon your return from a vacation? 

The last day…

Boy, I was pretty worried about this last day. We were scheduled to do 84.8 miles from Marshalltown to Cedar Rapids, but let me tell you something. I was going on about four hours of sleep.

See, the night before, while we were tenting in Marshalltown, a mega storm hit. We had to abandon our tents to seek shelter due to a tornado watch. Talk about scary.

And that was after a wonderful day walking around Marshalltown, hitting the Purple Cherry. It was a really cool yogurt shop.

But, despite the storms, few hours of sleep, we made it. Of course, a tail wind of about 15 MPH didn’t hurt!! LOL.

It was a nice break from the previous days head winds.

So, we rolled into Cedar Rapids relatively unscathed. 🙂



Charlie’s dad was there, waiting, so we packed up the car and took off back to Sioux Center.

But not before I snapped a shot of my odometer.

Check it out!

407 miles!

And that 407 miles was done in FIVE days. I never thought I could have done that, but like I mentioned in an earlier post, you just never know what our capable of when pushed. And this bike ride did just that. Thanks to my sweet hubby for carrying me through. He is so strong. My rock.

And thanks to everyone who contributed to the Arizona Pain Train. We raised over $3,000 for cancer on this bike ride!  You guys ROCK.

104 miles in one day…

Lake View to Webster City 104 miles 1657 feet of climb

Day three of #Ragbrai was a tough one.

Not only did we face a 20 MPH headwind most of the way, we opted to do the 23-mile “extra” loop! Yes. I know you’re probably thinking, “What the he–?”

After mile 80-something I was thinking the same thing.

No, really, it was an awesome challenge. I learned something HUGE that day.

I can go on, even when I want to quit.

It’s amazing the strength you find deep down when you’re really challenged. Ever notice that? My thoughts went to Penny who was–at the very moment I was biking–lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to chemo drugs. She would have given anything to be experiencing the pain I was instead of her cancer pain.

Needed a burger and shake after 104 miles!

So, the 104-mile day was for Penny. Those who are struggling with cancer have to keep fighting on. Facing their mountains every single day. I faced mountains and discomfort for five days over Ragbrai–that’s nothing compared to what cancer patients face.


In other news:

We have a winner for the $50 gift card giveaway Emma was running on the blog while I was gone.

Krista J. McLaughlin–congrats, you won!

Email me within 72 hours to claim your prize: LynnRush (at) lynnrush (dot) com


We have another giveaway starting today!!

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Time to think…

Being on my bike for so many hours each day gave me a lot of time to think.  My mind wandered to new stories waiting to be written. To stories already published and those coming out in the next twelve months….Ultimately, all my thoughts landed on two words: THANK YOU!  To be published is a gift. An exciting, scary, and rewarding adventure–one I’m grateful to be on!

Day two of biking took us from Cherokee to Lake View. It was a 62-mile day with 2,173 feet of climb.

Most people view Iowa as flat…it sooo isn’t.

You’d be surprised to see all the rolling hills. It makes for beautiful sights, but sure takes it out on the legs pumping up those hills.

I sure was hoping there was a lake to jump in at the end of the ride. The hot, humid air was relentless.

Much to my relief, there was a lake! And….we pretty much jumped right in! It was great.

We had a blast in Lake View…but what had me worried was the 104-mile ride for the next day! **YIKES**